Zamian: Gold Cacao Pack Mask - New Packing with Boost Function!! : Mask
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Zamian: Gold Cacao Pack Mask - New Packing with Boost Function!!

Zamian: Gold Cacao Pack Mask - New Packing with Boost Function!!


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Product Information
Product  Zamian: Gold Cacao Pack Mask
Brand  Zamian
Capacity  150ml
Best Effect  Kill Pimples and Refine Pores
More Effects Double clean dirt function, easier to wash-off with clean water , dry faster once apply, pore tightening and firming result is more effective

** Suggest to use 3 times a week. For users with dry skin, you can use once per week.

Brand New Maroon Red Packing!!



Testimonial by Korean Users

Highly Recommended by Cari's member (Forum)

Recommend Usage :

Skin Type / Products Cleanser Scrub Mask
Dry Skin    
Dry Skin - Big Pore    
Dry Skin - Blackhead      
Dry Skin - Sensitive Skin    
Normal to Combination Skin      
Normal to Combination Skin - Big Pore    
Normal to Combination Skin - Blackhead      
Normal to Combination Skin -Sensitive Skin    

~~ Brand Story: Zamian ~~
Zamian uphold the purpose of giving thier customers the most natural, clean, non-chemical skin, researches and development of heart natural substance rich in beauty products, natural desire has been done to meet the customer advocate. Due to the dry weather in Malaysia, most of Malaysian ladies face skin problems such as blackhead, as well as pressure cause by competitive and living environment from the pollution, skin absorption can not be fully adequate care products. To resolve this, Zamian is committed to research, provide the most natural sound of beauty products and skin care products, including a major research and development, is to apply to the face of edible cocoa. Cocoa powder contains an alkaloid caffeine and vitamins B2, and potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron and other elements, not only to maintain the skin elasticity and moisturize dry skin, it clears the daily accumulation of dirt inside the hair follicle. Moreover, the products contained inside an antioxidant of polyphenols, which can efficiently prevent skin aging due to the formation of cell spots, wrinkles and other phenomena. This is the very first time achievement in the beauty industry of South Korea in producing cocoa for pores nursing and refinement.

~~ Zamian Sole Importer (Malaysia Region) ~~

I Young Dream Enterprise (1842857-W)

Retail Outlet:

T031, 3rd Floor Sg Wang Plaza
Jalan Sultan Ismail
55100 Kuala Lumpur

AiShop is the authorised online seller for I Young Dream.
Any inquiries regarding Zamain products, user can approach AiShop or Comian Retail Shop. Comian's beauticians will backup for all AiShop sold Zamian products.

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Post Enquiry
Jessie  2013-07-02 01:35:58
are there the same because on your adv shows it is in Pink packaging but the one Aishop sell is in Red in colour.
Admin Reply :
Hi, the actual packing is in red. The pink color was the first version, Zamian has improved the packaging over the seasons but we did not change the information

FIONA MOK  2012-08-22 06:35:02
how much shld i pay if i only buy this product and im currently staying in sarawak. tq.
Admin Reply :
need to top up another RM12 for the postage :)

Babyyukkii  2012-07-31 07:46:24
May I ask u do u have any feedback of customer complaining about this product saying it makes the skin becomes red ? Becox I've seen some online fb shop saying that this product may make our skin become red and they say it's normal !!!!!! It is true?
Admin Reply :
yes, it may happen for the first few times u use it, your skin may feel the heat so become red, after few times once your skin use to it will not show red :)

qing  2012-07-27 10:25:33
why the mask turned WATERY and when shaken it makes the sound like it's holding tonnes of water inside? I just bought it like 2-3 months ago...

Chee s chan  2012-07-05 05:32:20
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